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Meet the Creators

“Innovation is developing new ideas learning from the past.”

Craftsmanship is one of the key attributes which define luxury today. We select and curate crafted materials into thematic groups which define a “Contemporary Japanese Style” — a style which is certain to become a focal point in Western architectural space.

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斉藤 上太郎

Jotaro Saito

For Jotaro Saito, the super multi-artist of the kimono world, kimono is "fashionable wear." Although it is slightly different from gorgeous, it is a style for someone who doesn’ t want to dress like others. It is not a furisode(long-sleeved kimono) or a houmongi (visiting wear), but a kimono to enjoy as one's fashion.


The origin of Saito which is inherited for three generations is the power to find new things suited to the needs of the times.

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