• Materials that enhance the value of high-end architectural spaces.


    Japan Dento Corporation is the curation platform for premium materials rooted in Japanese craft culture, serving as a bridge between artisans and artists, and the world's luxury market.


    Our products optimize high-end architectural spaces by providing materials primarily for premium and precious zones on the market.

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  • Master the quality of environment and scene.


    Our art and craft materials play a vital role in creating the essential quality of luxury. 


    A product of Japanese craftsmanship is no longer just an object. With a sharp modern feel, it embodies elegance and reflects the spirit of Japan. Each piece enhances the quality of the environment and the scene as a whole, in addition to its own value in a luxurious space.

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  • An advanced gift market for the world's wealthy.


    Japan Dento Corporation will make full use of its accumulated knowledge, experience and network to develop “wabizo" The Luxury Gift Collection of Contemporary Japanese Craftwork for the world's luxury market.


    In particular, we seek to discover and highlight young and talented artists. Through its brand power, wabizo will lead the traditional craft industry, producing innovative, high-quality and attractive products, creating a modern premium gift market and passing it on to the next generation.

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