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Jotaro Saito, Multimedia Designer


While rooted in traditional crafts, Saito targets the avant-garde area of "fashionable kimono"


For Jotaro Saito, the super multi-artist of the kimono world, kimono is "fashionable wear." Although it is slightly different from gorgeous, it is a style for someone who doesn’ t want to dress like others. It is not a furisode(long-sleeved kimono) or a houmongi (visiting wear), but a kimono to enjoy as one's fashion. The origin of Saito which is inherited for three generations is the power to find new things suited to the needs of the times. It is the work of what is now called a designer. "I would like to continue to produce soothing tailored to the constantly-changing aesthetic sense and values. Basically, I would like to propose a new style in the present era while rooted in traditional craft based on weaving and dyeing.”


Jotaro Saito’ s words are strong but not overeager. Jotaro Saito says that the aesthetic sense of modern kimono is not a return to tradition or a retro hobby. It must be cooler and more innovative. Saito's kimono aims at the highest and coolest and avant-garde area as everyday clothes.


However, that kimono is not artwork. It is taken into daily life and becomes alive. “It's basically everyday clothes. I intend to make products." "I’ d like to take the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games as an opportunity to propose a lifestyle that makes us proud of Japan, and I would like to be at the forefront of it. In order to do so, I would like to provide cool stylishness that is enough to make the

person wearing it feel the difference with others,” says Saito, expressing his feelings.

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