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CEO Message


Further advancing Japanese traditional craft culture


At the time of 10th Anniversary, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all stakeholders who have supported our company's business to date.


So far, our company has focused on B2B markets, making full use of the traditional techniques of artisans and artisans, providing clients with high-level works and services by designing materials suitable for hospitality and retail interiors as “Contemporary Japanese Style.”


However, the architectural space market does not devote much attention to Japan's traditional craft industry, and many skilled artisans and artists are still unable to thrive in this light. We need to improve this situation as soon as possible, making a leap forward so the traditional Japanese craft culture created by our predecessors will not die out.


In 2020, in order to further advance the traditional Japanese craft industry, we are launching a luxury gift collection under the brand name “wabizo" The Luxury Gift Collection of Contemporary Japanese Craft Works”—through which we are working to create new value for the consumer market.


I believe that inherited traditions, diversity and creativity are critical elements of the future and sustainable development of humanity.

Motoshi Horii

​CEO, Japan Dento Corporation




We will revitalize and restructure the skills and sensibilities of Japanese traditional crafts and culture to preserve and expand its value in the present, and create markets around the world so that they can be adopted and rapidly developed.



1) Convinced of the potential of the architecture and interior market, we will focus mainly on the interior design of five-star hotels and brand shops to strengthen B2B business.


2) We will enter the luxury gift market with artwork rooted in traditional Japanese crafts. Develop the D2C market with a focus on online sales.


・Speed: The agile footwork of a small number of experts

・Respect: Sincere respect for artisans and artists

・Empathy: Understand the thoughts and feelings of domestic and overseas clients and vendors

・Self-improvement: Develop ability to understand clients’ insights


Social Contribution


From an innovative perspective, we will create a market that leads to a leap forward in traditional craft culture.


Japan Dento Corporation will create a new era in Japan's traditional craft industry with an innovative perspective.


Japan's traditional craft industry is facing serious problems. With an aging workforce and a shortage of successors, the industry has become stagnant and struggling. We pay particular attention to the incisive sensibilities and strengths of the young generation of Japanese artisans and artists, create opportunities for their fair evaluation, and actively create innovative markets that will lead to their success.

Traditional Japanese culture strongly supports SDGs.


By transitioning traditional values to Contemporary Japanese Style, our work strongly supports SDGs. The most fundamental value brought about by the influence of SDGs is that people's cultural emotion and empathy are essential to sustainable development. Political, scientific, technological, and economic approaches are also essential, but because human life has cultural value, people can feel joy and live comfortably. Tradition, diversity and creativity inherited from predecessors are very important factors for the future and sustainable development of mankind.

Additionally many traditional crafts are made from natural materials which can be repaired as they age, making them usable for extended periods of time. Today, our living environment depends on the consumption of large quantities of industrial plastic products. We will need to rethink our lifestyle if we want to move in an environmentally friendly direction, further underscoring the value of traditional crafts.

We commit to the creation of such cultural value with maximum focus. 



Motoshi Horii, CEO
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Jun-ichi Takeshita, Interior Designer
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Tsunemi Kitajima, Marketing Director
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Yoshimi Matsuta, Marketing Director
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Makiko Miyahara
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About Company


Japan Dento Corporation


President and CEO:Motoshi Horii


Address:413, 5-4-35, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo,  107-0062 


Phone:+81-3-6427-3667(09:30〜18:30)excluding Sat. Sun and National Holidays


Email: info@jp-dento.com



https://www.jp-dento.com (Corporate/English)

​https://wabizo.net (wabizo/English)

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